Mum's Family Calendar

I get a tad too excited when it's new calendar time.  Naturally, being a bit different, I don't wait until January but get my calendar in August. This means I am all ready for September.  Confused yet?  My favourite calendars are the 'Mum's Family Calendar' by Sandra Boynton and I've been buying them for years!  
Why you may ask.  Well, they are fab.  The pages are designed for a family of 5 with mum (that's me) being number one on the list.  Everyone gets their own column for their events, birthdays, after school clubs, etc.  Plenty of space to write in too.  
The joy of this calendar is that it's ideal for parents with children at school as it starts in August, although it runs a full 17 months, so captures all the school terms.   I have to say I usually only use a calendar for a year so those 'extra' months are a bit pointless because if you buy another one, it starts in August as well so one way or the other, you're 'wasting' months!  I suppose it's done this way just in case your children leave school and you suddenly want a boring wall calendar that starts in January.
At a price of around £7 it's also great value when you think what a dull one with puppies or classic cars costs...  So, I'm looking forward to starting my calendar from the new school year. I hope I don't forget any birthdays this year as I can be a bit rubbish at transferring things across (but that's why I also have an electronic calendar!)


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