Shamley Green - Bipedal Motion geocaching

We needed some fresh air today so decided to blow away the cobwebs and head off for a spot of geocaching around Shamley Green, Surrey.  We've been here once before but only picked up a few caches that time so decided to head in the reverse direction and see what we came across.  Parking up at the church again, we aimed straight for the SGB26 which I'm pleased to say we found this time (we'd tried and failed before here). 

Heading off to SGB25 I firmly took charge and lead the wrong direction. I had totally ignored hubby saying "here's a tree with no bark" by stating it was the other side not this one.  Once we'd walked around to the parallel footpath, my GPS pointed us up through the hedge.  Oh dear. Humble pie was eaten as we walked back to this letterbox cache and he found it right where he'd suggested it may be. Girls stamped their hands. Not keen to retrieve here as clearly it's a lazy dog walkers poo-bag place and there were plenty around thrown in here!  Still no sign of the poo-fairy though so you'd think they'd realise by now right?

SGB24 was a nice find by our 6 year old with daddy.  The girls took some swaps and we replaced them with some new bits.  SGB23 was a quick spot by the teen and another set of swaps took place.  SGB22 took a brave man. Hubby ventured in, regardless of wearing shorts and stingers being in situ.  Battling on, he got the cache for us as we cheered from behind the fence in a lovely field.

SGB21 was nowhere to be seen so a DNF.  The gateposts and gates around here had all been recently replaced with brand spanking new ones.  I suspect the cache was thrown out with the old posts.  We had a quick search anyway but nought.  However, I did find a pretty rusty old horseshoe which the girls wanted so we took with us.  We headed off past a building site and went up the wrong set of steps first time and had to backtrack.

SGB20 was a pain in the bloody backside!  Nothing difficult about the cache, other than balancing on the road edge, but the CO had now tied it to an object with wire so trying to retrieve it whilst leaning in not having your eyes stung by nettles was some damn feat!  I almost gave up as even when I got it over to me, the wire wasn't long enough to keep me out of the nettles so had to carefully remove the lid to reach it among the stingers.  I'm all for trying to keep a cache in place but this was (in my opinion) a right bloody nuisance and I almost thought 'sod it'.  Back past the building site we went again (not sure what the guy thought about us popping out of another footpath and wandering off again) to the original steps.

SGB19 was another letterbox cache.  The girls both stamped their hands with the pretty little flower stamps.   Hubby had to do a fair amount of bashing here for us to get through as everything is a bit overgrown around the stile with the sun and rain recently.

SGB18 was a very easy spot. Quick sign and away we went past a nice house at the end of the lane. Girls thought it funny that I needed a wee and couldn't just go in a field like they do.  Had to explain a bit about 'indecent exposure' LOL.  We now had a rather horrid walk for about 200m along a very busy, windy road (that's wind as in 'wind up' not wind as in 'blown away').  Hubby carried 6 year old, I carried 4 year old and teen carried the geostick (we always have a geostick for bashing with us).  Lots of pressing ourselves into the bank as cars went past and feeling very uncomfortable here.  Fortunately we rounded a bend and spotted a bit of grass we could walk on and the footpath sign.

Headed down to SGB17 but this one eluded us (as it has many other cachers). It's not been found since April so put a maintenance request on for the CO to check this now.  Lots of hedge works seem to be happening here today and the road became very busy so we only gave this a cursory glance as we passed by.  Lovely lane leading to some more amazing houses. One seemed to have it's own lake!  

SGB16 was a very quick spot as we've seen lots of these before. Not quite as far away as the hint suggests.  SGB15 was another quick spot. We were expecting quite a hunt when we realised what it was going to be from the clue.  However, it's the biggest one of these I've ever seen!  The girls were delighted to find it.  

SGB14 was another quick spot by the teen.  SGB13 was spotted from the other side of the road.  A big cache this one.  Girls did some more swaps here and then we headed back over the road and followed the footpath sign. This was a mistake.  No exit seemed to be available to us and we spotted a pig in the field.  Odd.  We turned to our right towards a gate and then saw about 10 very large pigs. I've seen Snatch and Hannibal so you never know what might be there *grin*, so decided it was time to leave.  We went hurridly back to the gate and carried on down the road.  

We missed SGB11 as our feet were aching now and we overshot it but noone wanted to go back.  We carried on to SGB10 which was a quick spot as it was laying out in the open.  I signed and popped it back in what I suspected was its proper hiding place so it couldn't be easily spotted.
SGB9 I almost gave up with and then saw it. DOH! How could I have missed this?   Not sure what the two old ladies across the road made of us as they watched us for a while. Sure they thought we were doing something dodgy!  

Our final of the day was Cricket Pitch, Shamley Green Micro which was a very quick spot by the teen.   I was expecting to have to get her on my shoulders for this one but fortunately, aided by the geostick, she got it down.  She was also tall enough (with a minor help that was conveniently situated by the cache) to get it back too.

A good walk around and about 3 hours out, snacking on our sandwiches and nibbles as we went round.  All of our feet are aching so we popped to the local shop and finished off with an ice cream.  

Very sociable...and it didn't rain once (so I bet hubby was delighted to be carrying around all our raincoats in his rucksack).


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