Wisley amble

Had a friend and her daughter over today for a catch up for us and a play date for the girls. After an hour of nattering, we hopped into the car and headed over to RHS Wisley to have a walk around and blow the cobwebs away.  Another look around some of the Alice in Wonderland exhibits was also planned.

The girls enjoyed seeing the sculptures of the characters and showing their friend all of them, whilst her mum and I chatted away putting the world to rights (stopping long enough for this mad selfie - I'm not doing a pout, I was mid sentence!).

Got an ice cream (shame all the ice cream huts inside were closed again) and had a bit more of a wander around before heading home for a final bit of play here.  Car park was busy today but still plenty of spaces (we didn't arrive until turned noon).  We're back again next week with more friends who aren't members so will enjoy another look around our favourite gardens.
P.S. My teen passed all of her GCSEs with great results!!


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