WWF - Snappy crocodiles

Took the girls to WWF at The Living Planet Centre in Woking today to join in the fun making a snappy crocodile.  I may sound a bit mean but as it cost me £6 last time (suggested donation) and I didn't see anyone else put so much money in the panda, I did £5 this time.  Actually it was £5.02 as the note got stuck and I only had a 2p in my purse to push it in with.  Still, not bad for using an old eggbox, some Pritt stick and paper really.

The girls enjoyed sticking but without proper glue pots (like we had last time when doing the fish), everything was just falling apart. We had to keep asking for sellotape (which we were told they are running out of) and when we got home, I had to re-glue everything back on with PVA, which would have been the thing to use this time.  Bit of a shame really.

At least they got to finish their crocodiles in the half hour allotted but this session did not feel anywhere near as organised.


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