(Back to) School - Part 2

N started school on Monday of this week.  She had been counting down the days on a little calender stuck to the wall beside her bed, using a small stamp to mark each day off. So sweet.  She's used to school, in a way.  She went to an independent school's nursery for 2 years for 3 full days per week, so she knows the routine. Their are two differences now. Number 1 - it's 5 days per week and number 2 - boys!  Yes, boys are a relatively new thing for her to deal with (apart from a few boy friends they have).  Her previous school was girls only you see so none of this rowdy behaviour from boys *grin*
Hubby and I went in on her first day (S wanted to come too but she was already in school as N started a bit later).  We were told we could stay for up to 30 minutes as she settled in. She found her bookbag tray and peg, then headed into the classroom and straight onto the computer.  She has to use a right handed mouse in her left hand but with right-handed buttons. I appreciate it's not easy to keep changing the mouse set-up in school but I did find it a bit frustrating to be told 'most children are right handed'.  So what?  She's not.  However, in the PC suites, they will set up a left-handed mouse for her to use properly.  She's quite adept at sorting herself out and it seems she had far less of an issue with it all than I did! In fact....she had no issue at all.

Being completely settled, we left.  I know I'm used to her not being around 3 days a week but something felt different now *sniff*. Soppy old soul aren't I.

She loves the school lunches and sits with S. She also plays with S.  It seems that S has abandoned all her other friends in favour of her little sister.  I'm sure that will eventually change, although they are both very close.  N snitches on S now about what she has and hasn't eaten in her lunchbox (N has school lunches as she's not a right old fuss-pot). 
Yesterday a boy pushed N off one of the big tyres in the playground and she hurt herself a bit. He ran off. Bigger children, including her buddy (they have a year 5 or 6 to help look after them) came over and sorted her out.  I told her that if he did it again, to shove him back hard!  Apparently this is not the politically correct thing to do and I was chastised by S for suggesting such a thing.  Bad mummy. 


  1. Awww...they look very sweet. Hope she had a good first day.


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