It's not a diet - it's healthy eating

I've joined Slimming World (again). This time though, rather than joining online and then only logging in a handful of times, I've joined a group.  What a difference!

My friend suggested a group would be better for me as you get the support from other members and the incentive to lose weight with being weighed. I poo-poo'd the idea saying I didn't need an incentive and was fine on my own - just me and my will power.  Yep, it failed.  So, I've found a local group that meets in the mornings (evenings are no good you see due to hubby's shift work) and thus can go every week.  
My first time going was fine.  Everyone was really welcoming and I got weighed.  This is where I realised I must have put on chain mail in error this morning instead of a t-shirt.  I'm sure those scales are very inaccurate!  I was hoping no-one overheard my weight!  The scales were shouting "one at a time please" which may have given the game away a bit (kidding - just wanted to get that one in).
It was great to hear how well people were doing on their weight-loss journey.  Most were losing anything from 1 - 6 1/2 lbs (yay, they talk in 'old money' here) per week. Of course some put on weight but most knew why this was the case and they weren't deterred from continuing.  It was a very positive experience.
I'm now 3 days into SW.  How am I doing?  I'm bloody starving!  I know, I shouldn't be saying that right?  What the heck, I am.  I know why though. I'm so used to nibbling throughout the day that my body wonders what the hell is going on and why, instead of a couple of chocolate chip cookies, it's getting a pound of fresh fruit!  I could murder a chocolate bar. In fact, I want pretty much anything I'm not allowed to have!  That being said...I'm not giving in.  I've stuck to it even when my git of a hubby got a large chocolate bar on Monday night and ate the bloody lot while we were watching TV.  I did contemplate smothering him with a pillow and then stealing the remains from him but decided against it.  It just proved I could do this.
I also started dancing around my lounge again.  No, this is not some mad woman antics of mine but Wii Dance. I went in for 20 minutes on the first go.  When I put my glasses on afterwards, they steamed up. Yep, I was a little over-heated!
If I had her figure, I wouldn't be doing Zumba!
On the advice of a friend, I've just been to Sainsburys and bought a bunch of cereal bars.  Sadly I did not take my book with me.  I thought I'd remembered what was good and what was not.  Seems my memory is getting worse (also do bear in mind I'd not touch a cereal bar with a barge-pole if I were not dieting).  I ended up with one out of 4 packs that I could actually eat!  Hopeless huh?  Even worse, these tasteless things that I can't now eat are 7 syns! I could have a flake for that...pah!
So, I'll keep you posted on how I'm doing.  I'm aiming for 1 1/2 stones off by my scales (that's 2 stone on theirs!).  Watch this space.


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