The diet is working!

I'm amazed.  Totally amazed. The diet - or healthy eating lifestyle - is working.  Yes, really!  I know. Who'd have believed it?

I have now lost 10lbs in 3 weeks. 3 WEEKS!  I'm beyond delighted.  I'm also not hungry and eating like a horse but, of course, it's all good stuff. By that I don't mean nibbling on a lettuce leaf or a celery stick, but eating a full meal.  A whole roast dinner is syn free for me (I don't like gravy) and a good fried breakfast of bacon, eggs, beans, mushrooms and tomatoes - don't mind if I do!
I'll keep you posted.  Still a long way to go until I hit my target weight and I know it's not always going to be plain sailing but I'm motivated, happy and just feel....healthier!


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