Ton-up party (that's 50+50 in case you were wondering)

Yesterday Gomez and Morticia (ok, hubby and I) held a 'ton-up party'. Yes, we're both 50 this year (he is already but I've a few months to wait).  Friends and family came along to help us celebrate and we had a totally amazing evening.  In case you hadn't was fancy dress.  We're not that weird (well, not most of the time).
We danced the night away to my very own DJ mix of 70s, 80s (mostly) and a few early 90s tracks.  Lots of fun.  Scarily enough, it doesn't seem that long ago I was celebrating my 40th!

Thank you to everyone who came, especially my sister and BIL who travelled all the way up from Barnstable to be with us for the night on their 45th wedding anniversary!  They never thought they'd be celebrating that achievement dressed as clowns!


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