10% off at Longacres?

Don't mind if I do, thank you!  My favourite garden centre is having an Open Evening.  I'm delighted that they have put this on Facebook as an event too as it's meant that I can invite friends to it as well.  Not only are Longacres offering an awesome 10% on the night, but it's also a chance to meet up with friends, grab a coffee and piece of cake in the cafe, and have a good old shop (and chat).  The free wine has captured many friends' attention but I'm not making any judgements *grin*  

I went to the open evening last year and it was brilliant.  Raffles, carol singing and lots of great bargains to be had.  This year I'm taking my two youngest girls as well as Santa is going to be there handing out sweets. Of course he's not the real Santa as he's far too busy already, but this has provided me with great ammo in the run up to Christmas. "One of Santa's helpers will be at Longacres and will only be giving sweeties to good boys and girls, so you need to behave right from now as he will be reporting back to the real Santa".  Sneaky mummy.  But it works, so don't knock it right?

I'm looking forward to the Christmas Tree Masterclass as well as I often look at the trees decorated in Longacres and occasionally wish mine had that lovely symmetry.  Having said that, mine is decorated by a 16, 7 and 4 year old which is fantastic. But it's still great to see the tips and tricks.  No doubt the girls will be taking advantage of my Christmas spirit by getting some more decorations for the tree. We've decided to go pink and white this year.  I've already bought some nice small baubles and a pack of big ones, along with an enormous looking string-of-pearls-you-wrap-around-your-tree thingy, and some very cute little angels with the girls' names on as their special tree decoration for this year.  I suspect I may need a trolley on the night, not a basket (wonder if they'll still be after one of those huge balls?).


  1. I'll be there! 10% off AND wine?! What more incentive would you need ;)

  2. I'll be there. Love Longacres.

  3. Yes!! I'll be there. I need to change our tree scheme this year too.


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