Birthday (Part 2)

Yesterday was S's official birthday.  Not bad for a 7 year old to have 3 days of birthday is it?  She's even outdone Her Maj!  On Sunday family came round with presents for her which she could open. Lots of lovely drawing books which she lapped up.  The usual Betty Crocker chocolate fudge cake for her birthday cake (that girl has style) which we all enjoyed (yes, even me on a diet - just a tiny piece).



Yesterday she got our presents and others from friends. Artists pens, colouring books, story books, 'how to draw' books, clothes, art items and her favourite present, a  telescope. Who'd have thought it right?  She loves it. She's wanted one for a year and couldn't believe her eyes when she saw it.  Sadly last night was cloudy so not much to see but she did look at a mouldy leaf at the very top of a tree after school which she thought was incredible. Just wait until she can see the craters on the moon!  Teen got her an astronomy book so she can't wait to try star gazing too. She's hoping to see a shooting star.  
Happy birthday S.


  1. Cute. Glad she had a great birthday. And why not have it over 3 days :)

  2. Stargazing? Wow! Hope she got to see the moon.


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