Happy & Glorious...

...but not feeling quite so much that way about the journey!
Yes, we went to see Michael McIntyre at Wembley Arena last night. It was a grown up night out for hubby, teen and I.  Our babysitter arrived at 6pm so we set off, planning to get there a bit early, have a walk around the shops and perhaps a drink somewhere and then head in for the first act at 8pm.  The best laid plans huh.
But first, let's do a selfie
It took a bit longer to get to the North Circular than planned at an hour. That's not a great sign but at least the traffic was moving. However, then it all began to go wrong.  Our exit was the Harrow Road but this piece of the North Circular is more of a nightmare than most. You see, before the junction, you have traffic joining the NC and then, right at the top of the slip road, by the traffic lights,  as you're trying to get off, there's another lot of traffic entering from the left to get ON!  What sort of moronic idiot designed that piece of road?  It took us nearly 45 minutes to get OFF.  A few choice words were being said I can tell you. I ended up pulling into the right hand lane, going almost to the top, just past where the second lot of joining traffic was trying to filter in and literally pushing my way in to the single lane going left.  We then crawled (a tortoise could have gone faster) up the Harrow Road and to Wembley.  This stretch took us just over 1 1/2 hours.  We arrived to see the first act finish and the lights come on for the intermission.  Bonkers.
Hey, at least we're here for Mr McIntyre!  We settled down with drinks and ice cream that we'd bought on our way in as the rush happened for intermission goodies.  I'm always beyond miffed at the prices in these places. You *cannot* bring in any of your own drinks so you have to buy something there.  Two bottles of Fanta, one pint or beer and a little bag of popcorn came to....£17!!!!  WTF!!  

Anyway, smug us sitting there with all our nibbles whilst everyone else rushed around to get theirs...until hubby moved to let someone through which resulted in his beer being knocked over. He was not a happy bunny.  He had to then join the very long queue of people getting drinks.
Mr McIntyre came on at 9pm and played a set until 10.30pm.  Bloody brilliant. We were all roaring with laughter and many times hubby and I were nudging each other saying "that's you that is".  Which jokes were best?  Where do you start? We loved the toilet seat, tights, Scottish country house owner and Michael's thighs.  If you get a chance, go see him. He's one funny man.


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