Planes, Trains and Geocaches

My bestie and I met up today to have a good old catch up and, naturally, do a bit of geocaching.  Maidenhead was the venue as it was a bit of a busy day today but I didn't want to miss my chance to chat and cache so a bit of a shorter route than planned.  Rucksacks packed with our lunches and away we went to walk (or talk) a nice ring around the area (photos in no particular order).

Flab 1 was our first of the day.  Now I know we're both doing Slimming World but this was not a ring for overweight cachers. It stands for Footpaths, Lanes and Bridleways you'll be pleased to know.  A nice easy find to set us off.  As always, anywhere near a car park means dog-poo everywhere. I wish dog owners would pick up as we had to slalom down the path avoiding it all...eugh, disgusting!  

Chatting away we headed to Flab 2 which certainly required tweezers for the retrieve of the log!  Unfortunately I'd borrowed hubby's Swiss army knife and couldn't find the darn tweezers so we made do with mini pliers. Hey, almost the same right?

A quick hunt and we had Flab 3 in hand.  Took a moment to settle our respective GPS's down but we got there in the end.

Flab 4 gave us some wonderful 'treasure'. My little girls would have loved this if they had been out with us.  Sparkling in the sunshine.  Very princess like.  Glad we were tall to reach this one.

Flab 5 gave us more jewels.  However, I opened this one upside down so they all fell out which resulted in a scramble around on the floor to pick them up again.  Flab 6 was a quick find.  I used to live around here and G worked here for years but we never explored these paths and this area.  Enjoying this walk a lot.

Flab 7 took us a minute to find despite the hint.  Muggles were approaching so we stood around watching the kites (birds not things on strings).  Finally made the grab and signed the log. 

Flab 8 gave us even more jewels - yes we dropped them again!  Noise from the aircraft at White Waltham Airfield dying away.  Guess all the 'Saturday Flyers' have now taken off. Great to see little biplanes overhead.
Flab 9 gave us a chance to watch two motorcyclists going up and down the road. Think one was teaching the other some riding techniques.  We stopped just a little way down from this to eat our lunch, sat on a couple of breeze-blocks near where someone had been fly tipping.  Living the dream! ;)

Flab 10 made us laugh out loud.  Fun find.  Do you need a pen to sign this one?  The security guard by the gates a bit further along didn't seem to take much notice of us as he was busy chatting on his phone.

Flab 11 was by a very odd trench to nowhere.  As G said, it would be a bit dangerous for an evening caching adventure. The trench was dug the opposite side of the gate.  How odd.  Man let huge labrador come up to us and try to jump up - NO!! Please people, keep your dogs under control as not everyone wants your slobbing dog trying to jump up on them (or indeed, likes dogs).  We just shoo'd it away as his whistling and calling was doing absolutely nothing.  Away across the fields we go.

Flab 12 was illuminating (not not).  What a good idea.  Another random ditch the other side of the field by the gate.  Away we went to Flab 13.  Fortunately G made a quick discovery which meant we didn't have to rummage through ivy.

Flab 14 we went the wrong way at first then spotted as we approached. Have a favourite for that one.  Nice change in hiding spot.  Flab 15 - yep, we dropped the jewels AGAIN!  I know, you'd think we'd learn by now right? No, clearly not.  Aircraft buzzing overhead again.
Flab 16 we had to tie our shoelaces.  We're clever like that. Muggle-city here but who knew we were logging a cache?  We were just two ladies texting.

Flab 17 was a bit wet but another ingenious container.  Still managed to sign the log though.  So, that was our loop done.  It seemed a shame to finish on 17 caches. 20 seems like a nice, round number so we headed off into White Waltham to pick up a couple more.  Well, it would be rude not to right?
LQ: Berkshire White Waltham was our first here.  Fabulous traditional container. There is always something special about finding these ones.  We had to have a photo opportunity here.

Chalkpit Bridge was next.  Bit of an exotic name for a rather dull bridge.  Got a picture of the trains though.  G in first but couldn't find it. I went in next and spotted an old plastic bag on the ground.  Turned out that was the cache.  Did manage to retrieve but it's clearly in the wrong place and needs some attention to make sure it stays where it should be so left a maintenance log for owner.  Glad to get it though.

Cross Roads was a very quick, easy find.  Train Spotters Paradise we had to wait for some muggles to pass before G made the find.  Definitely a good place to watch the trains.

A nice walk back to the car from here.  Not bad for a quick meet up. Our next adventure together is in December and we have all day so we're going for a 50. Watch this space!


  1. Sounds like a nice day out. I agree with you about the Dog poo though. Drives me nuts especially as I am blind and stand no chance of avoiding the poo mines

    1. It seems to be the same everywhere Paul. Even with dog waste bins around, people just don't bother. Even worse, those that bother to bag it and leave it on the ground or hang it in a tree! Poo alone will degrade but poo in a plastic bag....eugh. On a positive note, glad you are enjoying caching.


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