Proud Mummy Moments

N got Rosie the Red Squirrel yesterday for doing great reading and spelling in word time at school. She was proud as punch to receive this little toy to keep overnight and share some adventures with.  She even wrote her own story of what they did together in Rosie's book.

She headed in to school this morning with no tears (we still get some at the door to her class at the moment), eager to share the fun she had with Rosie with her classmates. It's moments like this that mean so much and that I treasure so.  


  1. Hope you don't mind, I pinned your little girl's note to the tooth fairy to one of my boards on
    Should you post a photo of either note or picture that she drew, please let me know. It was so sweet. I have a six year old, (boy) who also writes notes and draws pictures for the tooth fairy - she cannot give him real dust, though, as he is boisterous and might bump his head on the ceiling fans, or go out the window without asking and distract pilots, who must concentrate to fly. Also, giving all the dust away to children is like rubbing it off a butterfly's wings, she wouldn't be able to fly. She gives him glittery "expired fairy dust", instead, which is what falls off her wings.

    I also really like the idea of the stuffed squirrel, "Rosie" and might suggest this idea of having a class mascot like this to my mother, who teaches, so she may use it as a motivator and a reward to the improved or diligent little bees in her classes - if the person who came up with the idea doesn't mind.

    I credited your blog and added your blogsite address. If you do mind this, just let me know and I will remove the pin.
    *click* *following you* - Sincerly, Reagan


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