The switch-around

We are having a switch-aroo around the house at the moment. I bought a lovely solid wood bookshelf from eBay recently for the dining room for all my academic books and our photo albums.  Today, I picked up another bookshelf in pine which didn't really fit in our lounge (yes, a slightly impulse eBay purchase) so I was going to just sell it straight on. Hubby then said it would be better in the dining room for my books and the big one that was there, put in the lounge.  Wow!  What genius. I actually hadn't thought about switching things around which must mean I'm over tired from too much studying.

So we did the old switch-aroo today and boy, does it look great. You know when sometimes you just visualise something but you can't see how much difference it makes really and then when you do it, it's such an amazing transformation?  Yep, that! 
I now need to buy another Abacus bookcase to match the one we have in the lounge. They are still available from John Lewis but, of course, they are a tad *cough* more expensive than the £20 I paid for my one.  However, I have to say that the bookcase is one of the best and sturdiest I've ever had.  You do get what you pay for (even when you grab an absolute bargain!).  Would definitely be worth investing in one though to get a nice matching pair.  


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