Happy birthday - have a pierced lip!

What a great weekend. Saturday I collected J and we headed into Wycombe to see if I could get (another) tattoo.  Whilst we were queuing outside the tattoo studio (I kid you not), I suggested to J that she might like her lip piercing as an extra birthday present. She was surprised but excited and decided to check with her dad before going ahead.  Unfortunately for us, the tattoo would be too late in the day and her dad didn't reply to her text straight away so we headed back to ours.  En-route, her dad replied to say fine (well, not exactly those words but along the lines of 'OMG, I suppose so') so naturally she wanted to do it NOW!  

We ended up in Woking but the tattoo studio there was too busy.  Of course, she wanted me to find one that would be free. Did you know, I had no idea there are 3 tattoo studios in Woking!  Anyway, 2nd one was also busy so called the 3rd and they had a space.  Off we went and I'm so glad we did.  We arrived at V1 Studio and the folk in there were fantastic. The studio is probably the most modern and cleanest I have ever been to.  Ladies and gents in there also really friendly.  J went in and had her lip pierced and I have to say it looks really nice.  I was feeling a tad left out so decided to have my ear done as well.  Early birthday present to myself *grin*
So 'Wednesday'

They were so nice at V1 that I decided to show them my tattoo idea and see if they could help.  The chap who'd done our piercings was also a tattooist so he took at look.  I didn't want someone else's design (and it wasn't quite right for me) so he's going to design something similar and I'm booked in on 14th to get it done (J is coming along to watch).

That afternoon N had a party with her little friend from her old school which was great fun but sadly before it was time to sing 'happy birthday' she felt a bit unwell with tummy ache so we had to go.

Got home and changed as we were off trick or treating in the evening.  J was dressed up as The Joker (Heath Ledger version), S as a vampire, N changed into a witch, hubby then produced a scream mask, which meant that from just planning to walk around with the girls, suddenly I need a costume.  So I went as a...I'm not sure really as I wasn't planning anything, so let's call it a demon ok?

The girls got lots of sweets and were really spoilt by friends and neighbours. Certainly enough E numbers to last beyond Christmas!
Just a normal night out for us

Today was J's 17th birthday.  Goodness me, where did 17 years go to?  She was up at 8am (where's my real daughter??) and opened her cards and presents. Money and gifts to make her smile.  Sister-in-law and children over at 10.30am and more presents and good chats.  Then off to take her back to her dad for the rest of her birthday (where she got a ticket to the premiere of the new Star Wars film in London as one of her surprises). 

It's been a great weekend and everyone has enjoyed it.  Hope you all had a good Halloween!


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