I only went to Longacres for a Poinsettia...

...and came back with quite a bit more.  Argh! It's fatal when I go over there.  I just can't resist all the lovely things.  No matter how restrained I think I'll be and whatever talking to I give myself before I arrive, I crumble. On a good note, I did get said Poinsettia.  It's 13cm high (says the label), and is gorgeous. You can spot it just to the left in the picture. No, not that one, the other one. However, I had no idea that these plants came in such a range of colours.  

Look at them all - aren't they lovely?  I was almost tempted by the yellow one but, call me old fashioned, red is the colour for Christmas.

I also picked up this fabulous plant. The 'flowers' look kind of screwed up and it is called Euphorbia Pulc (so says the label).  Not an appealing name but a lovely plant.  I'm guessing from the style of the 'flowers' it's of the Poinsettia range of plants. 
Poinsettia *and* pot
The thing I always find when I'm buying plants is that I get them home and then realise I don't have a pot to fit them.  This normally results in cursing under my breath whilst wandering in and out of the garage and shed trying to find something that they will fit into to put on the table.  Not today! Oh no.  This gal is sorted.  Longacres have cleverly put some red and white shiny pots right next to the plants.  Guess what?  The plants fit the pots!  How smart is that?  Anyway, I popped my two plants into the pots (just to check you understand) and toddled off feeling rather smug. 

Before I got to the tills, I spotted that the artificial plants also had a bit of a Christmas vibe going on so I picked up this little cutie.  We've just had our bathroom done with a grey tile floor so I thought it would look ideal in there. Also I won't forget to water it up there.  I know you're thinking 'but it's a bathroom. It's full of water' but trust me, I forget anything living that goes upstairs. That's how my teenager can spend a whole day in her bedroom without me disturbing her *grin*

On the note of getting a bit more than the single Poinsettia I went in for, I was a total failure. I had to have yet another look around the Christmas decorations and found these lovely hearts to hang up, some little bells for the tree and this gorgeous little candle holder.  I'm a bit wary of candles - even the tea light ones - with children in the house but I noticed that Longacres displays had 'fake' candles in them.  If they were in the displays, they must sell them somewhere!   I headed off to find them and failed.  I got distracted by LED lights again and the real candles.  I finally asked someone and she directed me to them. I'd been thrown as they looked so real!  Some of them have a little 'flame' that moves.  You'd be hard pressed to tell them apart from a real candle until you got close or put your hand over them.  I settled for the tea lights I wanted as S wants one of those for a little painted jar she made at Rainbows earlier this year too.

There were some fabulous festive door wreaths and table centre displays as well. I may even pick up one of these lovely Festive planters for a present or two next time I'm there, but my arm was dropping off today and I was already juggling plants to the till. Mind you, I couldn't leave without getting the girls an Advent calendar each as well - Cadbury chocolate of course!
P.S. Dear Longacres - please get some bigger baskets - thank you!


  1. Ooo, I love those hearts! Were they expensive? I'd quite like those too. I love poinsettas as well but I seem to kill those rather easily :(

    1. The hearts were £1.49 each (only just taken the labels off LOL). Live dangerously - adopt a poinsettia for Christmas ;)


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