New cookware

Was picking up my Christmas tree at Longacres today with a friend (I wouldn't fit in my car) and swung by the cookware section as I needed a few more pieces of bake ware with the festive season upon us.  Not sure other shoppers were too pleased to see my 6' Christmas tree meandering down the aisles (with a great sticky-out top to poke their legs) but hey-ho, when I'm focused on getting something, nothing - not even a wobbly trolley wheel - will beat me.

I was after another cake tin as the girls love making fairy cakes and I only have the one tin so usually cook in batches.  It occurred to me the other day, whilst waiting for the first lot of cakes to come out of the oven, that a 2nd cake tin may be a good idea.  I know, sometimes it takes me a while to cotton on. I found a great selection of tins and so taken with them was I, that I almost decided to make my own bread just so I could have a tin with little holes all around it!   I ended up with these two tins. They are heavy so when not in use for baking, I'll be using them to build up my arm muscles *grin*.

I then spotted (yeah, yeah, I know how dreadful I am at just coming in for the one thing) this cute cutting board. I did need another one...honest!  It was such a bargain I couldn't resist it.

Then I spotted this. Isn't it cute?  I know, how can a frying pan be cute but trust me on this, it is.  They come in all sorts of different colours.  I bought this little purple one as it's S's favourite colour and as she's a fussy eater (understatement of the year), I thought it would be a great way to cook her the occasional fried egg when she decides she no longer wants to eat chicken/fish/lamb with the rest of the family. It's an odd situation but one we're used to.

S does enjoy a boiled egg though but since my 'egg perfect' timer died (1st was was great, 2nd was crap not so good), hubby and I have played the game of 'guess when the egg is ready'.  We're not very good at it and the eggs can be a bit random to say the least.  So I bought this funky timer - in purple again of course - to finally give S an egg that she didn't either squeal over (as it was so snotty) or need a pick-axe to get into (hard-boiled anyone?).


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