One week with Cloud

Sadly our lovely little kitten, Cloud, was returned to the breeder we got him from on Saturday.  He'd been with us 6 days.  Whilst N was being quite 'brave' around him (but still scared), S was absolutely scared to death of him.  On Saturday, we thought the girls were so tired they'd actually had their first ever lay-in.  Turns out they were awake but being super quiet in their room as they were too scared to come out until they heard us walking around.  How sad is that.

He was the most beautiful, gentle cat.  The reason I paid so much for a pedigree Ragdoll was that I knew their temperment having had one before.  I knew they were real softies, didn't mind their tummy, feet or tail stroked and thus would be pretty 'safe' for the girls. But alas it was not to be.

Sadly he moved too fast for them and S wouldn't even be in the same room as him (bar a couple of times where she sat on the coffee table) and if he moved off my lap, she'd run and lock herself in the cloakroom or hide in her bedroom. Hubby and I did try to integrate him and our thoughts were that she is so frightened that maybe we need to keep him to get her over this fear of animals.  However, in the end, it just seemed wrong - for both of them.  He was being shut in the kitchen or his cat box (if we were having to go in and out of the kitchen) whilst we ate or the girls did anything downstairs, otherwise they were too scared to come out of their bedroom if he was roaming around.  Not fair on either side I'm sure you'll agree.  He was a lovely boy and once the girls were in bed, would have a play with us and then just curl up on my lap or sit behind my head on the back of the sofa to sleep. 

We had his claws clipped at the vet so he couldn't scratch (he'd caught both of them whilst playing which upset them).  We bought him lots of toys to play with and we played with him so they could watch and see what fun he was.  It didn't work.

Hubby wanted to keep him a bit longer and try a bit more but in the end we agreed that it wasn't the right thing to do and returned him so he could go to a home where he wasn't shut away and was loved.  I cried most of the way back to the breeder and had a good cry again when I got home. This little bundle of fluff had really got to me in less than a week.  I'm sad but my children come first.  Maybe once they are grown up and off to college or university, hubby and I will get a Ragdoll that will stay with us forever.

Despite being scared of him, S, in particular, cried and screamed when I said he was going back. She begged to keep him and said she'd try harder but do you know what, I knew within that week that it would never work. I know my girls so well.  S drew this amazing picture of us with Cloud for me to keep. So much detail in the image.  

I was proved right as well. Yesterday the jumped out of bed, came downstairs and were the bubble, noisy girls I know so well, not the subdued, nervous children they had been last week.   


  1. Oh dear. How sad. Maybe your daughter will be ok with animals when she's a bit older.

  2. What a lovely cat but a sad story :( I hope you get your Ragdoll one day.


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