School, Art and Cat

I can't believe we're just over halfway through the new school term.  Where has the time gone?  I'm only keeping track of the weeks as the girls are doing after school clubs and there are only 5 more of them, including this week, before everything stops for Christmas. Tell me it ain't so?  
S has settled down well into Year 2. She says it's a lot harder work than year 1. When I ask her how her school day went and what she did I get that look and she normally replies saying "maths, phonics, more writing, lunch and then maths, phonics and writing again".  Hard slog when you're only just 7 I guess.  She's doing an art club with one of the very talented mummy's who runs it after school, and she loves it.  She very definitely has a talent where art is concerned.

N has finally settled and has stopped crying every time she goes in to school.  Yes, there's still the odd morning but she is happy in the main. That's a step in the right direction. She's also doing an art club with her teacher and came home from her first week with this amazing little picture made of buttons. It's on the wall in her room now.
J is finding 6th form quite hard work. She is ok with it all but said that the work really has ramped up now.  We're still carrying on with her extra maths once a fortnight and she said on Saturday that really helped her as one of the subjects they started last week, she thought "I already know this" and felt quite smug.   Having a great private tutor makes all the difference.

We've also got a new addition to the family. He's called Cloud and he's 13 weeks old.  He's a Ragdoll kitten.  The girls love him and are scared of him in equal parts.  He arrived yesterday and prompted explored the house, decided my computer chair and laptop bags were his places to sleep and settled in. He has cried almost non-stop since we got him as I suppose I would too if I'd just been taken away from all my family.   He's very affectionate and follows us around everywhere.  He did not like being shut in the kitchen overnight but we have hardly any doors on rooms downstairs (daft design) and therefore didn't want to leave him roaming around. Have you seen how full the girls' toy boxes are? We'd never find him again! As I'm typing this, he has curled up on my lap and gone to sleep.  Guess he's quite happy with us then.  
I'm just hoping that the girls settle with him.  They are so scared of everything, especially anything fluffy, that both hubby and I thought a cat would be an ideal pet to help shake the fear.  Unfortunately he put his paws up onto S's chair this morning and she fell to pieces, screamed, nearly tipped the chair backwards (she already had her feet up in case he touched them under the table) and ran crying to her daddy in the other room.  Please let that be a short-lived phase whilst she's getting used to him as we don't want to have to find him a new home in a few weeks as he's upsetting her so much.  Does anyone else have a child like that?


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