A little bit of sale fun

I'm not really one for the sales if I'm honest.  I can't be bothered with the crowds of people, the argy-bargy and the ridiculous queues.  That plus the lack of being able to use a changing room in a clothes shop when they have their sales on (yes Next, I'm talking about you!).  However, today I decided to head over to Longacres to see what sale offers they had on.  My plan was to arrive early(ish) so as to miss the crowds and queues. It worked.

There is a 50% off Christmas items sale. Not only that, but they also had some quite substantial reductions on clothing too.  I was sorely tempted by a chunky, cardigan/coat/jacket type of thing but sense prevailed and I decided that I've got enough garments like that to last me quite some time so I walked on by.  Shocking I know.

I did, however, pick up some things for Christmas next year - cards, present tags, strings of beads, Christmas boxes, etc.  This lot for the amazing price of £20!  Yes, even the penguin!  I love the little twigs with lights on so decided to buy one of those just to have in the lounge in a vase to look pretty any time of the year. 

The girls thought I was slightly bonkers when I got home with Christmas stuff but, after all, it's only another 361 days, 10 hours, 2 minutes and 34 seconds (says the countdown clock when I wrote this) until next Christmas *grin*.


  1. Ooo!!! I'm off to take advantage of that! I love a bit of Christmas sale stuff. Glad you mentioned it as I didn't realise it was even on!

  2. Oh my goodness you are organised! I'm thankful to be through this Christmas without even thinking about the next ;)


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