Claremont Landscape Garden

We had our first trip out to Claremont Landscape Garden today. It's a NT property and just between Cobham and Esher - pretty salubrious surroundings I can tell you.  I haven't been there for around 25+ years and it was the first time as a NT member (a new thing this year which we're trying out). Parking was a nightmare. Small car park and most of it coned off so we had to go out again and park across the old Portsmouth Road in a free car park. Trouble was, no footpaths to get back up to Claremont so it wasn't an easy (although, thankfully, short) walk with two children.  When we got back, there was someone in the car park marshalling cars in and letting them park all the places that were coned off 5 minutes ago. I wasn't best impressed and told the man in the booth so.


The gardens themselves are very nice. I'm glad we brought wellies though.  The 'steps' in the hillside were roped off so we're hoping they may be open in the summer months.

Stepping stones were a great find and they did these 3 times before I persuaded them to carry on the walk.


Climbing on trees too. Now that's fun!


We continued our a walk around the lake first and then when we got to the play area, the girls didn't want to go in but instead wanted to go through the 'deep dark wood' that was beside it.

We came to some steps and went up those (boy I'm out of shape!) and when we got to the top, this wonderful view greeted us.

We carried on walking round and popped out in another area by a big hill that the girls wanted to climb up. I suggested that it wasn't a good plan with the ground being so slippery and it really was steep, Something for summer when tumbling down is less of an issue (parenting fail for me as I'd not thought to bring any spare clothes).

We then went back past the playground and on round again and up to the hill on the other side.  Another good climb up a path and then some more steps and we were at the top.  Great view from the other side this time.

The thing I like about these gardens is that from April until October, there are no dogs allowed and during winter months, only those on 'short leads' can go in.  Good for you NT.  Despite your car parking, you'll be seeing us again as we need to know where the path that does not go around the lake heads too.


  1. Great place I agree but also I'm with you on the parking. We've been there before just as it's opened and already the car park was full (and definitely not the most courteous parking despite the sign asking for the same). Maybe some marshalling is needed every day as they'd get a lot more cars in if people parked properly (white lines?). Do go round the long path though. I also agree that it's nice not to have dogs running around as is happening with more an more NT properties now.


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