The Furby Booms have arrived

S has been on and on about a Wild Pets Spider for months now.  Having arranged for the grandparents to buy it for her, I knew she'd be in for a treat at Christmas. However, something else happened in the meantime.  We bought her and N Furby Booms for Christmas.  Oh my goodness. Talk about crazy about them.  They adore them.  They are using their little tablets to interact with them and are having such fun. The Furbys are quite noisy (no volume control) so you do have to not try and watch anything on TV when they are being played with, so that means that hubby, teen and I are usually somewhere else in the house when the girls are in the lounge with them.

The app is a great way to play with the Furby. You can give them showers, fed them, make them go to the toilet (the girls favourite thing - hang on, is it boys who are supposed to love that?!) and play in a playroom.  You also get Furby coins that you collect for interacting with your Furby and so can buy more foods, play things, etc.  

The girls also decided to spend some of their other birthday/Christmas money on Furblings so they have those as well now. The Furblings interact with the app and the Furby. It can get quite hectic.  At least the Furblings don't talk non-stop and the Furbys you can put to sleep. No, not like that! 

As for the's still in the box in the dining room.


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