There's always time to geocache

G came down to see me today so we could have our usual catch up and swap Christmas pressies.  She was a little pressed for time due to some work that she was slogging away on and said we may not have time to go out and get a few geocaches.  What?  No, surely not!  Work at the weekend is getting in the way of caching?  I'm speechless.

When she arrived I suggested we could eat and then just go grab half a dozen quite locally.  She suggested we go caching first and eat afterwards. See, that's a true friend!

We headed off towards Pine Ridge Golf Club near Deepcut and parked up.  Our first was The Maultway #1 which was a very quick spot by G.  A good start and a nice cache to find. Have a favourite.  #2 proved too elusive for us and despite a good search we had to give up.  Remember time was off the essence!  

#3 was a quick spot for me whilst G was scrabbling around the ground.  A unicyclist went past.  Not something you see every day.  I hope he won't mind that I snapped him as he headed on his way (he came back a bit later and we mentioned we were impressed - he smiled).  We'd been nattering so much (nothing new there then) that we completely went past #4 and decided to do it on our way back.  We carried on to  #5 which was a quick spot again but we could have done with some tweezers to extract the log.  Unfortunately I'd swapped bags and the one I had contained no caching tools at all.  Having tried a small twig (too small and too wet), I hunted in my bag of nothing. A small key caught my eye and helped retrieve the log.  See, it's always worth carrying a suitcase key with you!  #6 was another speedy find as I'd spotted an interesting looking tree and then the cache in the same!  Hooray.

We walked back to #4 and gave it a cursory glance but didn't really bother as we were both getting peckish.  The last of the day was Sweets Round #15 which I stood underneath looking around for.  Doh!  A quick sign and we headed back along the pavement to go home and have some lunch.

See, there's always time for a quick bit of caching!


  1. How interesting! I'd never heard of geocaching so went to look it up. Sounds like a lot of fun. I think the missus and I will give that a go. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!


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