Blue Peter Badge

S has been beyond delighted of late. She received her Blue Peter Badge (Blue badge) in December for a lovely piece of art she sent in to the show about her visit to the Hawk Conservancy Trust last year.  She did wonder if she would get a badge as it takes a little while to come through but then we came home one day to find the badge had arrived. What an excited little girl and wow!, how worth it is a Blue Peter badge!

She can get into all sorts of attractions now for free up until she is 16 years old. That is amazing isn't it.

She's now applied for her Purple Badge and will be eagerly awaiting to see if she gets that as well. She'd quite like to be a Blue Peter presenter when she gets older she's told me "doing art on the show".  Go little one!


  1. That's awesome, I remember that I was desperate for a Blue Peter badge when I was little and I never had one, I need to get my children on the case!

    1. Me too! They do so many. She's after a little collection now :)


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