Claremont Garden New Years Day Walk

Today hubby was off so, at the girls' request, we headed off to Claremont Gardens again.  Early arrival this time and got parked easily (it was filling up fast though).  Wellies on and away we went.  We decided to definitely get to The Belvedere Tower this time as I realised we missed quite a bit of the walk yesterday after hearing from the NT on Twitter.  To be honest, I didn't even realise there *was* a Belvedere Tower as we didn't get a map yesterday, but the girls picked one up today.  

Poor N fell walking up the first bit of hill by the ampitheatre and grazed her hands and knees. My fault as I left her old wellies at home because they had a leak yesterday and gave her some other ones to wear.  Yet another parenting fail.  Oh dear.  

We found the 9-pin bowling this time (although not all the pins were there so a bit more 7-pin bowling really) and the girls and hubby had fun doing that for a while.  We were still too early to get to The Belvedere Tower as it didn't open until 11am so we went along the path and round to where someone had built a teepee out of branches and then onto the stepping stones.  As we left the stepping stones to head back to the tower, some poor chap with his two children slid down the bank, lost his footing and landed in the mud.  I couldn't help but laugh (sorry).

We queued for the tower and you could see quite a long way off. Probably nice on a bright, cloudless day.  

Girls weren't that interested in looking around any more and we headed down the spiral staircase to go back to the car and head home for some lunch. We are looking forward to coming here for a picnic in the summer.  Seems this may become another favourite place for us along with Wisley :)


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