DVD or Sky Movie?

Hubby and I were relaxing last night going through the 75% of recorded stuff we have on our Sky box unable to decide what to watch. This is a common occurrence in our house.  I suggested we watch a new film - Legend - and perhaps just get it on Box Office.  Looking at the price, it was £5.49 for HD or £4.49 for SD.  Now, is it just me or is that a pretty high price?

Legend [DVD]

You see, I can buy Legend from Amazon on DVD for £9.99 or Sainsburys for £10.  For that, I can watch it as much as I like.  I can buy the film and DVD from Sky for £13.99 and for that I get to watch it as much as I like on my Sky box (or tablet or phone if I wanted to see it on such a small device). If I can do that, why would I want the DVD then? It doesn't make sense to me.

The other issue I have is that when I watch a Box Office film from Sky it's in stereo. Yes, you heard me, stereo. None of your surround sound. Oh no.  BUT when I watch a normal film on one of the Sky movie channels, it's in glorious surround sound.  I'd like to know why this is as clearly Sky can give us multi-channel output so why make the sound so crap on their Box Office selection which we have to pay for on top of any subscription to their services?  Sky - would love to know your answer to this!

So, I hesitated over the 'purchase' button to have the film for 24 hours in stereo but then fortunately common sense kicked  in and I bought it on Amazon instead.


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