Flowering Bromelia

Sounds like a Cathering Cookson novel doesn't it, but it's not. I popped down to my favourite garden centre - Longacres - the other day and picked up another house plant, a Bromelia (yes, and I bought another pot too). Isn't it fantastic?

Within a few days it has begun to flower! I was stunned to see purple flowers popping out of it.  It's already an amazing colour and has become a firm favourite of mine.  

It's sitting on the windowsill in my kitchen (with all my orchids) and seems to be very happy there. It gets a good deal of light but not direct sunshine until mid-afternoon.  It also gets a bit steamed up at times in there with cooking so it's quite a tropical environment for my plants *grin*.


  1. Wow! That is gorgeous. I've never seen anything like that before.


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