Holmwood Geocaching

We decided to go for a nice walk out today as we've not been geocaching for a while.  It was chilly but at least it wasn't raining so we wrapped up and drove over to Holmwood, just outside Dorking in Surrey. Parking was easy as lots of little National Trust car parks around the edge of this area and we headed off. 

Our first of the day was HC 6.6 Holmwood Common Extra which was a nice easy find.  A lot more muddy than I expected it to be around here but fortunately the girls were in their wellies and waterproof trousers so it wasn't a problem. Bit slippery with iced over parts of paths though in places.

HC 6.7 was next.  Quite an easy spot but pretty boggy around it. I went in for the retrieve as I had my wellies on too (hubby in walking boots).  Water around it was quite smelly and unpleasant.  We missed the next one and aimed for 6.9 but the ground was getting more and more boggy and difficult to walk in.  

Just before we were going to reach the next cache, there was quite a large piece of flooding which was too deep for hubby to get through with his boots and may well have ended up going over the top of the girls wellies too. We had to turn around and head back and round.  I think we were all glad of the detour as it was hard going.  We decided to carry on with a walk and pick up a few caches if we saw them nearby. Probably a better plan today to be honest.

HC 6.9 was a nice one for one of our girls to find (which they love doing).  We then headed down quite a slope which was very muddy as well.  Not the easiest decent but we got there.

HC 6.2 was in a lovely location next to a little stream.  There was a bridge you could walk across one or a little ford next to it.  We went across the bridge and then through the ford which gave us a chance to wash our boots off a bit as the mud was really sticking to them.

HC 6.1 was another good little find for one of our girls. N was delighted to make the retrieve here.

HC 5.5 ended up being our last of the walk and a good retrieve for S.  We decided to head back at this point as hubby's knee was hurting from twisting it a bit walking down the slope so best to call it a day.

Lovely walk back along the path, past the nice houses and through the ford, turning left at the top onto the main path which took us nicely back to the car park.  We'll be back to finish this off at another time.


  1. I haven't heard of geocaching before so looked it up. That looks like fun. May grab the kids and go try it :)


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