Sunday, 7 February 2016

BFG and other Roald Dahl books

The girls loved watching Matilda on TV, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on DVD and reading The Magic Finger so I decided to get another couple of Dahl books. Although both girls read very well themselves, there is something special about that time when mummy or daddy reads to them. I still remember my own parents reading to me, especially my mum, so I want to hang on to this as long as possible.  The first book of Dahl's I'm reading for bedtime is The BFG.

I started reading it to them tonight and they both love it.  The chapters are very short so I think actually it would be a good book for them to read themselves.  I love the way it is written and decided to look for a few more books.  It was then I saw a great deal on Amazon for 15 books for just over £20.  Bargain! I've bought them and will sell on the 3 I have now (which will soon be duplicates).

It's always good to get something the girls really enjoy to read to them. Our last book was The Faraway Tree collection of 3 books in one and they lapped these up. I had the constant cry of "Just one more chapter please mummy" whenever I finished reading (even if I'd already read 3 or 4 chapters that night).  Let's hope that all the Dahl's are just as successful.

Only problem is...doesn't the BFG die at the end?  I'm worried about that as S, in particular, doesn't do sad endings very well.  Oh well, I've started now...

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