Thursday, 25 February 2016

Old friends

Today was very special.  Through the joys of Facebook's 'Do you know this person?' I spotted an old friend. In fact, this lovely fella was my next door neighbour from before we started school together and we stayed in touch until quite some years after we left secondary school, only to lose touch as circumstances changed (such as me moving away).  Luckily, we're now back in touch and intend to keep it that way!

E has officially been the person I've known longest.  I'm delighted to say he also only lives a few roads away from me. How cool is that?  So today we met up in a local pub and just talked and talked about everything. It was really relaxing and such fun. Wasn't like we hadn't seen each other in years at all.  The time simply shot past.  I'm so pleased to be back in touch with him.

Next meet up is with our other halves.  Nicer that we met first as that way we don't bore them to death with our yarns of school friends and mischief.  Roll on the next time!

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