Polesden Lacey Walk

We decided to blow the cobwebs away (lots of poorly people in the house of late) and go for a lovely walk around Polesden Lacey. We've been all around the outside of this National Trust property doing the Humble Hike set of geocaches, but we've never been in. Now we're NT members, we thought we'd swing on by.

We had a nice walk around, although the girls didn't want to wear their wellies which I should have insisted on really.  They enjoyed the play area. Such a lovely carved bench!

We walked to the bridge (we've walked under that many times before) and then into the walled garden.  I'm sure this will look stunning in the summer with the flowers all out in the beds.

Down to the rockery area, which we had to climb up and down of course!

As we walked past the house (we didn't go in today), there was a tree with all bits of ribbon attached to it.  Wonder why?

A final stroll back to the car after a nice hours walk about. I'm glad we arrived early as it was getting very busy when we left.  S did quite well with her fear of dogs and seeing most of them on leads was good for her. We even saw one that must have had a spinal injury as he was on wheels at the back which she was amazed by.  


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