Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Bassingbourn Blitz - a few more geocaches

Drove up to see our friends in Bassingbourn today. After a good catch up, we headed off out for some lunch at a local pub (and a bit more of a catch up) before we went off geocaching (and catching up some more).  We have done a few around this village before so spotted a little section we've yet to get so decided to walk off our lunch doing those.

First of the day was 10 Bassingbourn Blitz which was a quick find this time. I say 'this time' as we tried this last time we were caching here but seems the GPS was more accurate today and took us straight too it. Log full but squeezed our initials and date in.  We had to skip VS #158 as workmen had it cordoned off so no chance of a quick grab today.  9 Bassingbourn Blitz was next but we weren't sure which side of the stream it was on.  Eventually we settled on the far side from where we were and soon had it in hand.  A chap popped up out of nowhere (well, the allotments) and said "found it ok then?" to which we laughed and said we had.  He told us he'd tried a bit of geocaching. We didn't find out who he was as he was off on his way.  Guessing this must be a bit of a cut-through as it was dog poo city!  Glad we all had wellies on.

8 Bassingbourn Blitz was a nice spot by my friend's 7 year old (with a bit of 'look under that, can you spot anything that shouldn't be there?' from her).  It was soon in hand.  7 Bassingbourn Blitz managed to tangle me up in rose thorns and bramble. Owch!  6 Bassingbourn Blitz was a quick spot by my 5 year old before we had even reached it!  Well done - she gets another log on her own geocaching account.  I picked up a travel bug here to move along.  Guise Lane was another immediate spot by my 5 year old. She's really on form today.  That was it and back we went to our friends to let the girls have a bit more of a play before we headed home.

I'm pleased we've been out geocaching again for the 2nd time in almost as many days as I feel I'm right back into it again and looking forward to heading out this weekend with hubby once more too.  I'm up at 846 now.  Maybe I should aim to get my 1,000th geocache this year?

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