More vegetables

Yesterday the girls and I popped down to Longacres to pick up a couple of grobags and plant some more vegetables in the garden.  We had a good look around and bought 2 grobags, 4 'plastic' canes (no more splits and rotting), and 3 pots of peas (one of which turned out to be mange tout as I'd not read the label correctly *grin*).

Today we planted out the peas and took the mange tout plants out of the veg bed and put those in the grobags too.  A mix of new and old canes attached to the fence for them to grow up.  It's sitting on top of the 'bug barn' so I hope the creepy-crawlies appreciate it.

Of course, whilst we were over at Longacres, the girls spotted these cute little characters that they wanted to put in the flower beds and pots. How could I say no?


We're hoping to get some raspberry plants for our 2nd grobag as the girls want to have some fruit in the garden as well.  We've got strawberries in pots already but think raspberries would be a nice addition.  Haven't seen any around yet so will have to keep an eye out for plants.  

The veg bed is coming along nicely and it looks like everything has happily taken root so with luck we'll have a nice little crop this year.


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