Sunday, 20 March 2016

Planting the vegetables

The girls were keen get their little vegetable plants into their new veg table today, so we decided to have a bit of an outdoors morning.  Plants at the ready, we got going.  First hubby put the earth in and the girls had fun mixing that up.  We'd bought the earth from Longacres and I have to say it's great value. The bags were cheaper than our local garden centre (I peeked today when we popped in to pick up a couple more veg plants that the girls wanted).  Three bags filled the veg table to just the right level.  We chose two multigrow compost bags and one specific to vegetables, and that seemed to be a good mix.


Next we started planting.  Now, clearly we have too many vegetables for the space but the girls were insistent that we planted them all.  We even have a single potato I found in the fridge that had a little sprout on it *grin*


Each seedling planted by one girl was followed by the opposite one running around the garden.  Seems that you need to do a quick lap of the grass to kill the time - not that they were excited you understand.  I didn't partake in that activity as you can imagine. I was official 'hole digger'.

Once everything was planted, hubby made up a net for it out of some old wood he had in the garage (my husband never throws away a piece of wood!) and some mesh we had in the shed for when the grass was seeded a couple of years ago.  Easy to throw over the veg table and keeps the birds (and cats) off.

We're off over to Longacres next week to pick up some grobags and get some beans and peas to grow as well. Will update our 'grow-your-own' adventure then.

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  1. Fabulous idea to have a vegetable table. I must have a look at those as it may help beat the slugs in our small garden.