We have been down to Barnstaple this weekend to celebrate my nephew's 40th birthday. 40?!  Goodness, how did that happen?  Anyway, we had a lovely time and a quick over-nighter and then headed back home, via Stonehenge.

Now we are members of the National Trust, we decided to pop on by and see the stones. I've not been here since I was much, much younger to actually walk around the stones.  Last time we were here, the place looked very different and we did a virtual geocache at two of the stones on the outskirts.  All changed now though.

There's a visitor centre, a mock-up of where the workers may have lived, a stone you can try and pull and buses that take you to the stones if you don't want to do the walk (we didn't, it was freezing out).

Off we went and had half a walk around the stones as it was just so cold and this was an unplanned stop.  The girls, once they had said "they're very big", soon wanted to go back on the bus to the car and get home. It would be fair to say that the bus ride was their favourite thing about the trip *grin*.

Getting off the bus, you have to walk through the gift shop.  Sorry, no stopping here anyone. Move along.  A quick try at moving the stone and then back in the car to head home.


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