Veg Table

Last week we popped down to our favourite garden centre, Longacres, to pick up a veg table (that's not a spelling error).  The girls have been keen to grow vegetables but we grassed over what had been our vegetable plot years ago and used to just use growbags, with varying degrees of success.

Longacres had a lovely choice of veg tables and we opted for a Zest4Leisure 1M veg bed with an angled bottom. We thought it looked lovely and had enough depth that perhaps we could try growing a few potatoes too.  We also picked up 3 bags of compost so we're ready to go.

It came in a flat pack and hubby and I built it today. I say "hubby and I" but what I really mean is hubby did all the hard work and I made casual observations, pointed out the error of his ways, and generally helped out by holding bits up/together/apart whilst providing an extremely useful running commentary.

It came with a pack of, apparently, all the pieces you needed. Unfortunately there was not the 3mm drill bit that was supposed to be in the pack. Lucky for us, hubby had one of those.

Took a while to work out how to put it together but I think this was mainly due to hubby expecting a perfect fit of parts, which it isn't quite.  However, bit of girl power (and reading the instructions properly) showed him how to sort it *grin*.

Last bit was putting the legs on.  The instructions have an epic fail here as they suggest marking out and drilling holes 12cm from the edge for the legs.  They forget, however, that the legs cross so of course one side is not 12cm from edge but more like 13.5cm. Fortunately hubby had only drilled a few pilot holes for the screws so with me holding the table up, he remarked it having screwed in one side and re-drilled the holes.

Once it was ready, we popped it in the sunniest part of the garden next to the girls' bug barn.  All-in-all, we're really pleased with the table and looking forward to popping along to Longacres tomorrow with the girls to get the veg to grow in it.  


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