Winkfield Geocaching

The rain had just started at home when we were ready to head off geocaching.  Not to worry, I'm sure the clouds were moving towards us.  Persuaded hubby and girls that it would brighten up.  We headed over to Winkfield and I was right - the weather was behind us at home and we drove into sunshine and blue skies. Clever mummy!  

Parked up by the first cache BDB No. 3, put on the wellies and raincoats and started looking around for it.  Had a few ideas but one seemed to be an actual post to stop people driving down this area and the 2nd, which seemed to match the clue, was unreachable due to the amount of rain that had fallen.  The field was now a bog/stream and too deep for our wellies.  Never mind, onwards and upwards.

One Iron was next but despite the name of it, GPS bouncing around a bit and we made more of a meal of this than we really should have.  Finally laid hands on it after hubby had searched the exact same place (well, I should know really. He often can't find something right on a shelf in front of him *grin*).  Yay, first cache in hand.

Walked down to Maidens Across the Border and decided to send hubby - Swiss army knife in hand - into the brambles. He made it so far before having to turn back.  I then spotted the cachers path a bit further along - oops!  In he went again and made the find under my great direction ("Have you looked under that bit?").  Teamwork see?

Bluebell Glade was next and GPS jumping around again.  Took on board the clue (well, the girls and I did. Hubby went on a path right through it which seemed well worn) and did a bit of searching around.  Suddenly the cry went up from our 5 year old to say she had it.  Clever girl. One for her own caching page.  Looks like it should be a lovely area when the bluebells are out in full.  A nice few around here for now though.

Hogoak Lane 4 was down quite a boggy bit of lane that it seems the local farmer/home owners had tipped a huge pile of broken flowerpots/tiles into.  I presume trying to level it out somewhat.  Much fun was had by the girls going into puddles.  Came to GZ and guessed where it may be. Pushed the two girls up the steep bank whilst I stayed there and let them have a look. Spotted quickly by our 7 year old who has the find logged against her geocaching account too. Well done.  A favourite for the cache too.


Hogoak Lane 5 was as far as we were walking down today.  Quick spot of the cache. Had to think for a moment what the clue meant and then the penny dropped. Great little cache. Another favourite point here.  Back we wandered heading towards the car. It had now begun to rain and was getting heavier.

Hogoak Lane 3 was next on the list and I think I spotted something from under my hood as we approached. Yes!  Found the retrieval stick, now for the cache.  A quick glance around and spotted it.  What fun!  JJEF does do some very inventive caches and we really appreciate them.  Carefully hooked the cache down and signed. Log a bit mouldy in appearance but perfectly signable.  Bit harder putting it back to make sure it was secure in it's place.  Replaced the retrieval device and off we went into a storm blowing up.  A definite favourite here!

I just realised (writing this at home) that we completely missed Hogoak Lane 2.  Must have been due to the pouring rain.  I had clearly hit the wrong cache icon as we were walking back more briskly to the car.

Hogoak Lane 1 was a lovely cache again and well designed.  Bit stiff to open and even with the retrieval device conveniently located within the container, it was a tricky find. Hubby was about to hand me his Swiss army pliers when I got the log out.  He popped them away in the rucksack again.  I signed the log then spent quite some time re-rolling it (trying to keep the rain off) to get it back in.  Replaced safely and off we went.  Another favourite here.

BDB No. 4 was the final one of the day.  Having looked in completely the wrong place first (and at risk of being told off by the house-owner), the GPS suddenly swung round and pointed to the opposite site.  Yay!  Cache found. However, that's not the challenge with some JJEF caches as we know.  Understood the clue but couldn't relate it to the numbers in any specific way that made sense. The rain was literally chucking down on us at this point, there was a clap of thunder and suddenly it was hail coming down in sheets. No time to dawdle today so had to put it back without opening it to sign.  So a found but not signed. Left a note on the cache page but not a 'found it' for me sadly.  Great idea though.

We now headed back to the car being pounded by the weather.  The hail was literally stinging our hands and battering us. My jeans between the top of my wellies and the bottom of my coat were drenched. Fortunately the girls had waterproof trousers on which I am seriously considering buying!  Got back to the car and got the girls in quickly, coats in the boot as they were soaked for all of us. Demisted the windows and off we went.  A great fun, if not rather eventful in terms of weather, caching time.


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