Children's book illustrator

S, my 7 year old, love art. I mean really, really, really loves art. Not only that, she's pretty good at it too.  She amazes me with some of the images she draws both from her head, and copying.  Here is an example of a coaster that we have that she copied. Isn't that cool?

S would like to do art full-time.  I think she's got a natural talent for it too.  So, does anyone out there want to hire a 7 year old to illustrate children's books? She's got such a lovely imagination and takes such care over her drawings.

She's been reading Paddington books and simply loves the adventures and mischief that he gets into.  She decided to draw his adventures from what she's read.

I am wondering if there is anywhere that would offer an art scholarship for her as she moves from primary to secondary school.  Worth thinking about right?


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