Ed's Easy Diner

We went to try out our local Ed's Easy Diner this week as it looked a fun place to go.  I like the American style diners and so the girls and I headed off to have lunch.  We had not looked at the menu (big mistake!) and just ordered some drinks to start with.  Well, being a diner, the teen and I went for milkshakes, and the youngest two had fanta.  The milkshakes came and they were pretty amazing. It was only then, as I turned the menu over that I spotted they were £4.55 each! Now I'm used to paying a bit over the odds at times but that really did seem like an awful lot of money for milk and ice cream, even though the container gave you two glasses (the glasses were not big so bit of an illusion here I felt).

The children's menu had 3 items on it - burger, hot dog or chicken tenders - for £4.65.  This was a non-impressive start.  I would expect, in this day and age, to have a bit more variety on the menu.  Youngest ordered the tenders.  They came with chips.  Drinks were extra.  Teen ordered the chicken and bacon melt.  Now, here's the rub, to get fries with your meal you have to order them *separately* (WTF?) or have the 'Ed's Plate' which comes with them, plus some onion rings and a small pot of coleslaw.  I've never been anywhere that offers a 'meal' without anything with it.  So you look at the prices - around £7.90 for a burger or a plate and think it's reasonable.  It's not!  At £7.95 for the meal and then £2.95 for the fries (£10.90) she went for the plate which was £11.95.  Really? £11.95 for chicken and bacon, or a burger? Serious prices here.

I went for the plate as well as I was sharing mine with my 7 year old (she's not keen on this type of food). I had the chicken dippers plate for £11.60.  Now we waited.

The food was ok.  Teen's meal was very, very average and mine was equally so.  I got around 7 goujons, which were nice but nothing spectacular.  7 year old, who was sharing, said "these taste just like McDonalds ones" (her favourites - they have the chicken there a couple of times per year) and I thought to myself, 'yes, they do, but at least at McDonalds it's only cost me a fiver!'.  The chips, no matter how much salt I seemed to put on them were just plain bland and flavourless (teen agreed).  Coleslaw was quite nice but I didn't want too much of it and onion rings were very, very greasy.

Suffice to say, we didn't stop for dessert.  Our bill came to just over £38 for 1 childs meal and 2 adult meals plus soft drinks (we had one drink each). I'm not impressed and when I compare Ed's to places like TGI, for the menu choice alone, it falls short.  Would I go back? No, never.  Too expensive, menu too limited and food extremely bland.


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