Out with the old

I decided to have a jolly good turn out of my wardrobe yesterday. I'd been keeping piles of clothes that I was sure were no good for me any more.  It was really refreshing to go through them and try things on and see what I did and didn't like any more.  

Best of all was trying on pairs of jeans that had been sitting on the bottom shelf of the wardrobe for over a year as I was too fat to get into them.  The good news is that I can get into them now. The bad news is that they are too big for me!  I now have only 1 pair of jeans that actually fit!  The rest are held up with a belt.  Never thought that would be the case. The biggest joy was putting on the pair I wore in August last year that I was photographed in that started my Slimming World journey. They were enormous!  I had about 4 inches of waistline less than I did then and they hung on me. I could put them on without undoing the button and zip!!  

Today I weighed in and have lost another 1lb. I'm delighted, especially as I'd not put on my 'weighing in clothes' and went in a pair of jeans (which I know weigh 1-2lb).  I've even bought myself a bikini for my holiday - go me!  I've also bought some pairs of M&S shorts as all the ones in my wardrobe were huge now (yay!).  I've still got over 1st to go but I'm hoping I can shift at least half of that before my holiday. Love Slimming World and the support of our awesome little group :)


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