The migraines are back

I've had just over 3 weeks of no migraines and really thought that I'd cracked it and wouldn't have any more (see my previous post).  It was wonderful to go from multiple migraines per week to nothing at all.  Surely this couldn't last?  It didn't :(

Last Friday, in the early hours of the morning (2am) I woke with an awful migraine.  I took Imigran and tried to get back to sleep. Pain was awful so after an hour or so with the Imigran not yet working, I took two Codeine tablets too.  Still no joy.  I did doze a bit but couldn't function properly in the morning so hubby took the girls to school and I stayed in bed.  Another day off work - not good!  I ended up needing 4 Imigran, 8 Codeine and 2 Ibuprofen that day to start to shift it.   The following day I had another Imigran and it finally went away.  What a lousy couple of days. Hopefully it was a one-off.
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It was not.  Thursday this week I woke at - yep, you've guessed it - 2am (why?) with another migraine.  I took an Imigran and dozed off. A couple of hours later I woked up and it was better but not gone. I took 2 Codeine and dozed off again. I woke at 7am and felt pretty reasonable.  Hooray, a day I could function.  However, this was clearly no good so I called and spoke to my doctor who booked me in for the following day to try and sort this out.  The doctor said they clearly needed to stop the migraines from happening in the first place. They can't use their normal treatment of beta blockers because I'm asthmatic.  He therefore gave me Amiriptyline 10mg which I need to take nightly.  I start with 1 per night and see if the migraines stop. If not, I move steady up, week by week, to a maximum of 5 per night. That sounded a lot!  Anyway, I'm prepared to try anything to get these migraines to stop so I'll give them a go. Side effects include dry mouth and feeling dizzy but as I'm taking them at bedtime, that shouldn't be an issue (I always have a glass of water on the bedside cabinet anyway). 

I looked up the tablets when I got home and was shocked to see they were labelled an 'antidepressant'.  Talking to a friend who is in the medical world, she said it's amazing what they use for different conditions now. However, I found a very useful page about them that said they are no longer used for that but still labelled as such. Now they are used for pain.  Made me feel better (also due to concerns I had about stopping them - we've all heard horror stories of people trying to stop antidepressants haven't we). I also found this useful article on Amitriptyline (better to read that than the scare-mongering you'll find on forums around the Internet).

Fingers crossed this will stop the migraines (at the lowest dose please!).  I've another friend who is on a different tablet and has taken them for the past 10 years to stop hers successfully so there are more options if this doesn't work.  I'm feeling optimistic.  


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