Wisley in April

We headed off to RHS Wisley today to have a nice early morning walk around.  Very quiet when we arrived at 9.30am and we headed off to see what flowers were about this time of year. S wanted to do some of her own photography with her camera so some of these shots are hers (and jolly good they are too).

One for Her Majesty's birthday

She's photographing her sister
And here's the photograph S took of N - sweet

S's photo of me

We also had no idea that there were bee hives at Wisley. We must go and look again once they are populated by bees.
Photo by S.
We ended our walk with an ice cream (in the very chilly weather) but we sat inside to eat it!


  1. Jenny Robertson7 May 2016 at 22:15

    Lovely photos. The colours are amazing. We love Wisley as well.


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