AS Levels at a failing school?

Teen is about to sit her first AS Level this week.  It's maths and she's a bit anxious about it. I don't blame her. The irony is, the AS Level counts for nothing according to her school, so why have they then told all the Sixth Form that they need a minimum of a 'D' to pass?  'D'?  I thought that most children should be aiming for a minimum of a 'C' right?  Seems her school continue to aim low and often fail to get that.
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I'm not impressed. It looked like the school was turning around and then it stopped dead in its tracks and turned right on back again.  It's a failing school. Her year have had the brunt of the failure. In actual fact, the only thing her school is good for now is to put on her University application form that they are rubbish in special measures and ask for grade adjustments in light of that.  It's just too late to change schools - that's even if she could get in somewhere.

She's taking 3 A Levels - Maths, Biology and Chemistry. The class sizes are 6, 4 and 3 respectively.  Yes, you heard me, 6, 4 and 3 students.  This should awesome, amazing (almost) 1-2-1 tuition going on here. These children should be flying.  They should be making amazing progress with such small class sizes but they are not.  They are doing anything but.

My frustration level is beyond compare. When we had all the trauma of the maths classes at her school falling apart due to an incompetent teacher, I spent what felt like much of my life in email and telephone correspondence with the school. We got J a private tutor for maths.  The school brought in additional maths classes after school and J began to get back that lost time.  Sadly, standards have slipped again and it seems no-one but us parents and the children care.  I'm sad, lost and confused for my daughter.  Her school have failed her miserably and there seems to be nothing we can do about it. Surely someone needs to be taken to task for this?

Her future is important and yet no-one seems to care.  She may have irrevocably damaged her chances of getting into a decent university and no-one at the school or at the local authority seems to care.   These are the days I wish I were rich and could get her into a private school or get her private tutors for these subjects. Sadly I'm not.  I just hope she can achieve her dreams in spite of the lack of support at her school as heaven knows, as parents we are trying out best to help her get there.


  1. How awful for her :( I wish her the very best for her A Levels. I hope someone sorts that school out - it's not acceptable!


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