Crazy weather for vegetables

This bonkers English weather we're having has been great for our veg!  Look at the size of them now! Sunshine, rain, plus a new (Hozelock Sensor Plus Controller) timer on the hose to make sure they're watered for 10 minutes morning and evening so we don't have to keep remembering.

We're thinking of buying another Zest4Leisure veg bed (look out Longacres - we're back for more!) as we love this one but, as you can see, it's getting pretty full!  Next year, we're planning to grow even more veg in this corner of the garden.  It gets the sun from mid-morning until it sets in the summer so it's the perfect little spot.   The only problem I have with all of this?  Stopping the girls from wanting to harvest everything before it's ready!  They're so excited about their vegetables - it may even encourage them to eat more of them.


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