Migraine update

You may recall that I went to my doctors in the hope of stopping the increasing amount of migraines I was getting (this here blog post).  I'm pleased to say that since I've been taking the Amitriptyline tablets, the migraines have pretty much stopped.

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I have had the odd 'rotten headache' and needed to take two Imigran when I was at work a few weeks ago BUT I could carry on working and the headache went (slowly) away without needing anything else. 

It's early days and I don't want to say too much yet as I don't want my hopes dashed by a real banger but...so far, so good.  The side affect of the tablets - dry mouth - has become quite noticeable and I feel like I've been walking through a dessert most days.  I'm having to take a pint of water up to bed with me and I tend to drink that during the night. Every time I wake (which happens a few times per night) it's due to my tongue seemingly being stuck to the roof of my mouth.  At the moment though, I can live with that as it's 100 times better than having a migraine. 


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