More vegetables

I had a spare grobag in the garden and so asked the girls if they would like to get some more vegetable plants.  They did!  Off we popped in the car to our local Squires to pick up a few more plants.  Happily they had a deal on of 6 plants for £10.  The girls chose some peppers, tomatoes and chillis (all things we eat quite a lot of), along with some more birdseed (I didn't plant that, clearly).

We planted them once home and I decided to use a little raised 'table' to put the grobag onto as this idea seems quite successful for the other grobag that is sitting on the bug barn. I think we have lazy slugs around here who only eat things at ground level!  A little netting over the top to stop the birds having the small plants - N's sunflower seed that I nurtured on the windowsill until it was about 4 inches tall disappeared the day after I planted it in the garden - and the veg corner is looking good.  The pots behind the grobag have strawberry plants in them so hopefully we'll get a few this year (if we are fast enough to beat the birds to them).


  1. Wow! Those veggies are clearly very happy there.


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