Oral-B Frozen Stages Toothbrush Heads

I've got both of my girls Oral-B electric toothbrushes but, of course, we're now in the 'trap' of buying Disney toothbrush heads for them to go with the Oral-B App. I don't mind this really as they love using their toothbrushes so you can't knock it right?

Both brushes came with a character head on them, both princesses but different ones (fortunately). They've got a bit 'fluffy' looking now so last week I popped to Sainsburys to pick up some new ones.  Disney's Frozen was the request. I had to search around the packets as some seemed to be all the same characters and others had different heads you could see.  Cleverly, Oral-B package them so you can't see the character at all (they all face inwards) and so you have to work it out but different colours on the back of the brush head.  I ended up with 2 Anna, 1 Elsa and 1 Olaf for the tidy sum of £14.  Ouch.

Excited girls chose their toothbrush heads today and I scanned N's - who had gone for Elsa - and off she went to collect her first sticker in her new book on the Oral-B App.  Then it was S's turn.  This is where it all went wrong.  No matter what I did - including restarted the App *and* even restarting my bloody phone - Olaf would not scan. Nor would either of the 2 Anna heads. After 20 minutes (I kid you not) and a little girl starting to get upset, I scanned N's Elsa again and we were off.  S would have to live with Elsa in her sticker book on the App and Anna now on her toothbrush.

Now, as you may imagine, annoyed doesn't even begin to cover it.  Not just about the £14 for 4 heads, of which 3 won't scan, but upset children at bedtime.  These were not some cheap, imitation stuff you get off eBay. These are genuine heads sold by Sainburys.  So, what the heck is going on? Clearly it's not the App - it's the heads. I have therefore Tweeted Oral-B, Disney and Sainsburys and I need this sorted out as I'm not a happy mummy, especially paying those prices.

Oral-B and Sainsburys came straight back to me - quality service!  Oral-B pipped Sainsburys to the post and gave me a number to call their customer services.  A very polite man spoke with me about my problem.  He looked through all related fixes but nothing seemed to show for my issue of toothbrush heads not scanning.  He did suggest re-installing the App but as I explained, if I lost the sticker books the girls had already collected, there would be even more tears (probably mine!).  He totally understood and sorted me out with a voucher to buy some new ones.

I was very impressed with the service from Oral-B and will happily pop up to Sainsburys to buy some new heads for the girls' toothbrushes.  It's nice to know that when things do go wrong, even with the simplest article, some companies do still give excellent customer service.


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