Planting the pots and the new watering system

It's all go in our household today.  I nipped out early and headed over to my favourite garden centre, Longacres, to pick up some plants for my pots at the front of the house.  I was also after a watering system as I confess to being pretty rubbish at remembering to water things like the hanging baskets. Even my orchids and plants on the kitchen windowsill live a precarious life and they are right in front of me!

I queued with the other crazy people waiting for Longacres to open (anyone would have thought they were giving away free money, the number of people who were poised with trolleys outside!).  Ramming my way through the doors...ok, strolling in...I headed off to pick up some geraniums.  These are my favourite flowerpot flower (did that make sense?).  They bloom all summer long and need minimal maintenance. A bit of dead-heading and they're away again.   I also picked up a few other plants just to add a little variety (trailing petunias and fuchsias).

Then I went to find the watering systems. I had no idea there were so many box sets and so much extra you could add to it. I could rig up my entire garden and never have to set foot near a watering can again.  Tempting....  I had to ask one of the nice assistants for advice and then decided on a Hozelock 20 pot set with a timer (I'm loving garden timers right now).  I don't have 20 pots (yet) but you never know.

Home I headed and set to work. Firstly, planting my new flowers into the pots. They'd looked pretty bare since the Spring flowers had died off so it was nice to get some colour again.

Planting done, it was on to the exciting bit of my watering system. Hubby set off for work and left me armed with some sharp snips and my glasses, ready to work out what to do.

First obstacle was batteries. The timer takes 'C' batteries.  Typically we have every other type in the house but those!  Teen went off and bought me some whilst I set to working out how I wanted the system to look.

Timer on and then to work out what connector to use.  Double on so I can work left and right across my pots.  It was then just a matter of snipping hose and connecting joiners.  I'm not sure about putting it against the wall permanently so decided to leave it fairly loose at the moment so I could take it in during the winter.

Sections were coming together nicely.  I didn't take long to do and I was jolly chuffed with it when it was finished.

Time for the big switch on!  Dramatic countdown (in my head), timer set to 'on' and tap turned.  Ta-dah!  Nada.  What?  Not a drop of water came out.  Oh no.  Clearly the pressure switch wasn't working.  Took the timer off the tap and the tap was working. Took a hose out of the bottom splitter unit from the pressure switch. Yep, water coming through there. So what on earth was wrong?  Took the dripper/stake off the hose and water came through.  It was then the light-bulb went off in my head.  Clearly I'd managed to put the dripper/stake the wrong way round.  Talk about feeling daft. They clearly have a one-way valve.  Had another look at the picture in the instructions. Yes, even with my glasses on I'd failed on basic instruction reading.  Turned them all around, switched to manual again and water flowed.  Hooray!

Set the timer up for 9am and 9pm so I'll take a peek later and see what's happening.  No more forgetting to water the plants. I've even put a section up to the hanging basket (clever huh).  I think I may need to buy some more pots now *grin*.


  1. I've often considered getting one of these but wasn't really sure. I'm quite a good waterer ;) Think I may give it a go though as great for when you're away. Saves always having to ask our neighbour to water the plants! Great blog piece (as usual). Did make me laugh.


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