Airkix - Indoor sky diving

Yesterday the teen and I headed off to use up one of my birthday presents - an indoor sky dive experience at Airkix in Basingstoke.  Brilliant!

We were told to be there for 11am for our 12 noon 'flight'.  Knowing what the M3 could be like I thought we'd give ourselves plenty of time. The M3 was fine.  We arrived at 9.45am. Oh well. Went off first and had a Costa and chat for just over 30 minutes and then I remembered there was a geocache in the area so grabbed that too!

Time to check in at Airkix so we entered our risk assessment codes in to the system (you can do that beforehand or on the day) and headed off upstairs to watch others doing it. Wow!  Utterly amazing to watch.  Children and older people all having a go.  We watched for a while and got chatting to a lady whose whole family were doing it.  Sent teen off to find out if we were going to be called as we were Group 13 and supposed to be called at 11.15 but nothing had happened by then. Around 5 minutes later we were called and met our instructor, Dan, who took us to the briefing room. There were 4 of us in total and we were told we'd be sharing our slot with some 'professionals' - no pressure there then.  Watched the briefing video and Dan then asked us to check for the hand signal meanings and had us standing in our positions for flight.  He ripped the mickey out of my trainers (I don't own any trainers as I don't wear them, so bought a pair from eBay for £5 (including postage!) so you can imagine how hideous they were).  I just knew he was going to be trouble then.

Went off and changed into our flight suits, got goggles, helmet and earplugs and away we went to the seats outside the chamber.  My tummy was starting to turn a little. Mix of excitement and a tad trepidation.  Teen was first of the two of us and she did really well. You have to keep your legs straight, chin up and arms at shoulder height, bent and at eye level.  Sounds easy until you do it battered by 110 mph winds!  Me next, great fun.  Dan is with you the whole time correcting your position and stopping you bumping into the glass with everyone watching (well, stopping some of the bumps as you do push yourself off). What a feeling.  Each flight is only 1 minute but it feels longer. We then sat down again and waited for the people to take their turns before teen was back in. She did really well and got to the top of the glass part on her own.  My turn next and the chap from the other couple was laughing saying I should try the 'jump in' to the chamber. Of course as I stood by the door laughing, Dan pushed me back, stepped away inside the chamber and said jump.  What could I do? I went for it.  Fab!  Flew around and then Dan got hold of me and whizzed me up to the top of the chamber.  Awesome!  We were up then in about 2 seconds.  He did this twice and then, rather than putting me back to the door like everyone else, he put me down furthest away from the door and said I could walk out.  Yeah, right. Of course, I couldn't do this and it was very funny trying to. He eventually helped me get out with everyone laughing.

We were then asked if we'd like to pay for another flight (£11 each) and be taken to the top (£5 each) which we all did.  Another amazing ride up for teen and I.  We both really loved it.  At the end we were presented with certificates marking our achievements, which you can bring back if you go again and get other parts marked off.  We then bought the DVD of our flight to show hubby and the little ones back home (we didn't realise they could have watched so well).

S now wants to do a flight for her 8th birthday as she's "always wanted to fly" and now I've done it, I'd happily take her to do it. I'm sure she'd love it.  Do I want to do it again? Hell yes!!


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