Fun day for children

Yesterday my 7 year old was off at a Brownie's day celebrating the Queen's 90th Birthday.  She had an amazing afternoon doing crafts, baking, playing games, etc and loved every minute of it (other than being a bit nervous when she first arrived as there were Brownies from all over there).

It gave me the opportunity to have an afternoon with my 5 year old pickle.  She had no idea what we were going to do so I surprised her by taking her to Mizens Miniature Railway to ride the trains.  Her face when we arrived was a picture.  We booked for the 'Miler' which took us on a new piece of track we'd not been on before (we last went for the Santa Special so it's been a while).  This track goes up and over little bridges and is a lovely long ride.  She enjoyed every minute whilst I was chatting to the guard as we went round.  Before it ended, she asked if we could have one more go.  Why not!

We walked down to the pond area first and had a look at the waterlilys and fishes.  Then we came back and went round again on a slightly different train and carriages.  Another lovely ride. 

Once that was over we stopped for an ice cream and a drink.  So well priced at Mizens and a huge cup of tea for me.  The weather held for us so it was a lovely afternoon.  Once we got back home, we baked a Victoria sponge and then went and picked S up.  The only downside to the day?  My Victoria sponge fell flat once out of the oven and is only any good for a doorstop now. Oh well, I'll admit defeat with that and stick to cupcakes!


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